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Welcome to my little space of the internet where I share launch, marketing and business strategy as well as the behind the scenes of building my businesses.

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I just burned down my old website. Everything. I'm sure SEO folks will be screaming at the screen right now, but I felt that so much has changed in my world and business since I started this blog back in 2015 that it needed a completely new fresh start. I hadn't actually posted a single thing on this site in three years because my focus has been all things Love To Launch.

If you're new here, Love To Launch is my “accidental business” I started back in 2016 off the back of discovering this wonderful marketing strategy called launches. You create an online event as a way to sell your offer, people show up and love what you're about, and then a chunk of those people buy your cool thing!

It seemed like everyone I was talking to was saying about how much they hated launching, they hated the stress and pressure and sometimes the crappy results – but I loved them. More importantly I felt called to help other people love them, and so Love To Launch was born.

What started off as a little coaching company helping DIYers to have their first launch, has grown into a full-blown launch agency working with the most incredible leaders in the online space managing 7 figure launches and we now teach the pros how to launch at our sister training company the “Academy of Certified Launch Professionals”. Between building Love To Launch and ACLP, life's pretty busy – but I thrive in this arena of doing amazing work with amazing people.

I never imagined building a world-class launch agency is where I'd end up, but looking back connecting the dots, maybe it was where I was always supposed to be.

I'm excited to share the journey with you and if there's one thing I can promise it's this – you don't just get the highlight REEL you get the REAL behind the scenes.

So cheers to the new chapter!

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Every person I know that has mastered the art of launches in their business and created wild success in their business has had, at some point, had a failed launch. But the reason they are where they are today is because that wasn’t the last launch they ever did.