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Every person I know that has mastered the art of launches in their business and created wild success in their business has had, at some point, had a failed launch. But the reason they are where they are today is because that wasn’t the last launch they ever did.

Jack of all...

launch-obsessed ENTREPRENEUR. advisor to leaders. coach & trainer to launch pros.

P.S. Whoever said "you should never be a jack of all trades" - never scaled an online business in 2024.

After 14 years in digital marketing, 10 years in entrepreneurship, and becoming the "secret weapon" to the biggest names in the online space - I'm here to share what I've learned along the way and to help you navigate this crazy, ever-changing online marketing world.

conversion queen, launch geek, teen mum success story, fuelled by caffeine.

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A hard-sell sales call for me to create FOMO and tell you how awesome I am.
A fun and easy call where we get to know each other, and you get to tell me how awesome YOU are and where you need help right now to get to your next level.