The 7 Top Benefits of Affiliate Marketing


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In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, affiliate marketing has proven to be a steady, predictable and easy revenue stream in my business over the years. I wouldn't say it's a core focus, but it is such an easy option that I think everyone should consider it if you want to scale your business and your income goals.

Here's the top reasons you should consider it…

Little to No Customer Service / Delivery

When you promote other people's products as an affiliate, you often don't have to deal with customer service, unless you're offering your own bonuses as part of your sales strategy. This means you can focus on scaling your business while still enjoying a simple and passive revenue stream. And let's face it, who doesn't love making money easier?!


Creates a New Revenue Stream

Affiliate marketing allows you to create an additional revenue stream for your business. By promoting products that align with your brand and audience, you can generate income without the need to create and manage your own products or services.


Recurring Revenue

If you're strategic with the products you promote, you can find ones that offer recurring monthly revenue. Once the initial promotion is done, you'll passively bring in revenue every month – talk about #IncomeGoals!


Connect with Influencers

Promoting products of people you admire can get you noticed by influencers in your niche. This has been one of the most unexpected yet wonderful things that have happened in my own business. My business heroes and mentors have become good friends, and these connections have opened up countless opportunities for me.


Improve Your Marketing Skills

Observing how others market their products can help you become a better marketer for your own offerings. By learning from the successes and challenges of other entrepreneurs, you can refine your own marketing strategies and tactics.


Passive Income Opportunities

Affiliate marketing can provide easy opportunities to create passive income in your business. For example, I've been receiving monthly payments from Click Funnels for a post I shared three years ago!


Cash Injection for Business Growth

If you're currently working with clients on a more 1-to-1 basis or a product with a more heavy delivery and want to transition to a less intense model, an affiliate campaign can give you the profits you need to invest in your new venture. This additional income can help you build and grow your digital product business without relying solely on client work. This is exactly what I did in my early years of business!



Affiliate marketing offers online business owners a range of benefits, from passive income and improved marketing skills to invaluable connections with influencers. By considering affiliate marketing in your business strategy, you can unlock new revenue streams and scale your online business more effectively. So, go ahead and give it a try – you might just find it's the missing piece in your business puzzle!

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