I know that in this online space it can feel hard to find people you trust that do what they say they will, so rather than me tell you how awesome I am - here's some lovely words from people I've helped.


"Laura and her wonderful team truly became an extension of mine"

I started working with Laura and her team to initially relaunch our membership. Laura helped us to create and launch a membership ascension offer, an app and launched our signature program twice. Her wonderful team truly became an extension of mine and as someone who doesn’t really enjoy launches I felt supported at every step of the way.

Laura added 7-figures of revenue to our company, led the marketing team and became a friend that I could rely upon for honesty and strategic advice - if you’re thinking of hiring her I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her! 

Laura has a beautiful way of blending the art and science of launches


- stu mclaren
founder of the membership experience and

Joe Lamp'l -

"Working with Laura was the best decision we could have made"

Laura was a huge part of our journey this year in training and supporting our amazing launch manager Amy, who almost-single handedly led us to huge launch success. We would have been lost without Laura’s direction and excellent guidance all along the way.

They always say, the test of a good decision is the test of time. Looking back, we didn’t have to go far to easily see that not only was working with Laura was a good decision - it was the best decision we could have made!

As well as adding 7 figures of revenue to our business, Laura became a friend I could rely on




"My investment in working with Laura is like a dividend that keeps paying out"

Laura worked on our and launch and helped me to recruit and train my incredible launch manager Jade. She guided Jade to excellence and to a 7-figure launch, and made her so strong (she turned her into a launch Swiss Army knife!) she’s now leading the team in teaching others that process.

Laura’s legacy is POWERFUL. So my investment wasn’t just on training one team member - it’s like a dividend that keeps paying out. Laura is a practitioner. She puts herself in the shoes of her client. Within a short amount of time you’ll know this is the person to be your guide.


"My team and I loved working with Laura and are looking forward to another 7+ figure launch with her."

Laura is an absolute professional when it comes to launches and launch management. Everyone should jump at the opportunity to learn from her how to launch and how to become a professional launch manager. I give her my highest recommendations.

Laura was our launch manager in our latest 7 figure launch. I had been preparing for another 7 figure launch when I had a serious family emergency that took me away from my business for 2 months and at the same time I lost my whole marketing team. Laura came to rescue at the last minute and with her unbelievable support and professionalism, my team and I achieved another 7 figure launch."


"Simply put, Laura is the type of person that you want to know when you’re in business."

She's not just about results; she's all about helping you share your real story and crafting a strategy that’s made for you, something that's pretty rare in the business world. She’s also honest about the effort it'll take to reach your goals, which is refreshing.

Joining any one of Laura's programs is a game changer. You don't just end up with more sales pitches for other programs; you leave with real, actionable answers. That's why I’m always telling people about Laura and why I think if you're trying to make a difference with your business, you really should be working with her.

When I first teamed up with Laura, I knew I wanted to level up my business but I just didn’t know how to do it. Laura became my guide, helping me come up with a perfect plan that was just right for me – considering what I want to achieve, how I teach, and how I want to connect with my community in the most beautiful, values-aligned way.

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