90 Day Year Affiliate Bonus

The 90 Day year is now closed.

2 Coaches on your side

Business Transformation + Digital Marketing Strategy

I have a unique perspective on the 90 Day Year program...

In 2014 I joined the beta round of the 90 Day Year, and have been lucky enough to work with Todd both as a 90 Day Student, private client, in his elite mastermind and have also supported him twice in the 90 Day Year program itself as a digital marketing coach.

This is a unique perspective, and one that means I know exactly what extra support will help you get the most from the program. I've combined that insight with my 10 years in the online space, to create a special bonus that I know will help you completely crush your goals in 2018.

4 amazing bonuses

PLUS a special upgrade if you choose the 1 pay Option


Exclusive access to my mastermind during the 90 Day year program


My guide to crush your 90 Day Year experience plus my 6 figure case study


12 months access to Savvy & Successful - my marketing training academy & community


Pay in full and upgrade bonus 3 to a 2 day Success Retreat ticket OR 1:1 private coaching session.

Bonus 1

Coaching & Mentorship

1. Amplify Mastermind Access

Upgrade your 90 Day Year results.

You'll have access to my private members-only mastermind where you'll get my support throughout your 90 Day Year journey. You'll be able to take part in my live implementation calls to support Todd's training - with my own unique perspective of 2 1/2 years of implementing the 90 Day Year.

The 90 Day Year program community can be quite huge and fast-paced so I know from experience that having a smaller group where you can get individual attention throughout the program can help you make faster progress.

I'll be on hand to guide you on how to plan out your projects and CRUSH your marketing goals - an aspect that most 90 Day Students need extra help with.

Marketing Mastery

One thing the 90 Day Year doesn't teach you directly is MARKETING strategy and the tactics that will help you win online.

And that's where I come in...

I have a decade of digital marketing experience from working with brands all over the world, and in recent years I've transitioned into coaching business owners how to market and scale their own businesses.

I'll be hosting a weekly call to help you translate your 90 Day Goals into actual marketing strategy plus answer all of your questions.

Whether its how to get your digital product created, creating profitable Facebook ads or engaging your audience with content marketing... I will be on hand to guide you through like I have supported hundreds of other 90 Day Year students.

Bonus 2

Get the inside scoop from my 9 x 90 Day cycles AND my case study


I have a unique perspective on the 90 Day year. I've worked with Todd privately, and he also asked me to join his team as 90 Day year coach. So I know exactly what extra support you might need, and how to get the best from the program.

You'll recieve my exclusive guide on how to get the best from the 90 Day Year. I've gone through 9 x 90 Day Year cycles now, having been involved since the very first round, and have learnt many incredible things along the way - include hacks and tips to get your best results.

The golden nugget in this guide is sharing my step by step process for how I won over 6 figures worth of new business directly from the program in the first round.

You'll also get my 90 Day Year success story breakdown including all the steps I took, how I overcame my hurdles and the golden nuggets I learned along the way... and what modules of 90 Day Year training helped me achieve my biggest goals.

Bonus 3

A whole year's worth of marketing training, support & community!

3. Savvy & Successful

Training + Coaching + Community

Savvy and Successful is an incredible members-only business community. A collaborative community, with extensive video training, monthly masterclasses, a members site, weekly Q&A's and guest experts sharing their awesomeness with my members.

With a incredible and super-friendly business owners all over the world, you're going to love being a part of the #SavvyFamily.

Courses include Crafting Facebook adverts, How to build a Wordpress site, Delivering Winning Webinars, Promotional Planning, Learning the metrics in your business, How to build landing pages and Email Marketing to name but a few....

Bonus 4

Pay in full and upgrade to the Success Retreat!

4. Success Retreat 2 day ticket

If you decide to pay for the 90 Day Year in 1 single payment, then my incredible bonus to you instead of bonus 3 is a 2 day ticket to my Success Retreat in May 2018, at Coombe Abbey hotel in Warwickshire. 2017 guests describe this as "life changing", "game changing", "transformational" and the "best event ever!"... so you won't want to miss it!

This exclusive event includes 2 full days of business strategy training from a multitude of speakers and special guests. There are very limited spots to this event, so this option is only available to those who sign up for the 90 Day Year program in a single payment.

If you are unable to attend the event, you can opt for a private 45 minute coaching session with me instead delivered via Skype, or you can come and meet me in person in Warwickshire.

The 2017 event blog and photos can be viewed HERE and details of the last event can be viewed HERE.

"There's a big difference between someone knowing 'How To' put up a website. 'How To' create an ad on Facebook and on and on... And someone that knows how all the components fit together in the online world AND produce REAL Revenue from the ocean of opportunities online. Laura not only has the tactical skills to get people results. She has the ability to deliver a strategy anyone can use over and over again."
- Todd Herman, creator of The 90 Day Year.



To achieve a whole year of success



Both Todd and I on your side!



in addition to all the 90 Day benefits!

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Bonus Summary

Here's what you get from me...


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How many Success Retreat tickets are available?

There are just 20 tickets available for the 2 day event. They are yet to go on public sale and dates will be announced shortly, but will likely be a Monday / Tuesday in May.

Can I spread the cost of the 90 Day Year?

Yes there are payment plans to help you spread the cost of investing in the program.

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